Sunday, 10 January 2016

Xmas 2015 in Moscow▲

I spent xmas 2015 in Moscow. Extremely random and brave. But, I came back alive so... 
Russia was never a "hotspot" on my mind like that. Especially in light of the current WW3 that's brewing, racism and the weather. Bottom line is, I went and I'm back.
Regardless, it is a beautiful city but I have no business there so I doubt I'll be returning. Russia's been ticked off the list.

Warning!...Picture heavy!!!

The Red Square is not called that because the exterior is red but because 'Red' meant 'Beautiful'. So this is the 'Beautiful Square'. I find it a bit freaky tbh. Like something out of a Disney movie.

Red Square from the tour bus
Cathedral of Christ the Savior - taken from the tour bus

Admission was free but we weren't allowed cameras etc. It's really beautiful inside. Every bit of the walls are covered in art or scriptures with visitors lighting their candles and bowing at the photos of their 'idols'. I didn't partake but it was nice/ interesting to watch.

Four Seasons
Worker and Kolkhoz Woman

Don't let the clear skies fool you. It was freezing!!!

I don't know why, but the power station in the middle of the city fascinated me.

Outside the Moscow Cosmonautics and Space Museum

BTS: The Snapchat stories!

Shopping Centre

Until next year...

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