Monday, 19 August 2013

American Apparel Outlet

So if you're a Londoner or happen to be in London, please check out the American Apparel Factory Outlet down at Brick Lane. So many items have been discounted as they are now out of season and they want to get rid of them. Their disco pants, for example, are now £50 down from £74. Now although this is still pricey for me, it's pretty decent if you were planning to pay the full price to being with.

What I liked about the outlet was that, unlike most sales, the items displayed were not extremely unwanted things plus they had a wide range of sizes and they were in good condition.

The Sin

Obviously, I had planned to go and check this out so was planning on spending some money especially after hearing items started at £3. I went there with a budget only to spend double plus more -_- Now I feel so bad...

I only bought two items and I'm only really excited about one.

Excited about these...
These were £10 as were all the sun/glasses.

No so excited about these...

These are the Easy Jean which I got for £34 down from £64 :D (they remind of the Topshop Joni jeans which are £36)

I'm not excited because they're too short so I have to roll them up and I don't like showing my ankles -_- but I'll work with them.

More pics...

I loved the warehouse-y feel. Should have seen the changing rooms (There wasn't any)

Sunday, 18 August 2013

All of me

A Gloomy Summer Day 
I need to stop wearing all black like this lol

Jacket: Zara
Bag: H+M
Jeans: Topshop (Joni)
Boots: Primark
Top: Asos

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Welcome :)

Hey Hey!
Assuming you've read my 'About Me' section, I'll jump right in. I've decided to start a lifestyle blog documenting everything I love and have an interest in. My hobbies include searching for underground artists, independent clothing/jewellery lines as well as DIY and easy peasy recipes.

Although I like to keep exclusive shit exclusive, it's about that time I have a platform to share my discoveries and truthfully meet new people and make new like-minded friends.

I hope you enjoyyeee