Sunday, 5 April 2015


This isn't anything new as I cut my hair in September 2014 (during my holiday in Florida). I just felt like taking pictures and giving a proper explanation as to why I decided to cut my hair.

Before I cut my hair I was 2 years natural. But with this, I was still damaging my hair by straightening it. I’m the kind of person to suffer for a moment for greater enjoyment later. So, I shaved all my hair off because I knew how I wanted my hair to be. Not saying that I am now suffering with short hair. With no regrets, I forfeited my hair for even better, healthier hair that will come maybe in 3/4 years’ time.

I decided that there is actually no point in putting significance in hair that is destroyed!!! - Literally dead from heat and perm. So, why not get rid of it and grow it out.

But now that it’s been shaved, I’m not ready to grow it out yet. Some people have told me to keep this for life but I wouldn't take it that far! I say 2 years for now then I will see what next!

The only products I use now are: 
- Taliah Waajid 'Curly Curl Cream'
- Eco Styler Gel (Olive Oil)
Coconut Oil
All these products can be found here in the UK!

The 'Curly Curl Cream' is AMAZING and will become a staple item for my hair. It's like a hair pudding that can easily be a substitute gel. I just use gel for the extra sleek look especially when my hair grows out and gets thicker. I would highly recommend this product!

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