Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Took a day trip to the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea (just off King's Road). I kept seeing the picture below and I was intrigued. Unfortunately I've misplaced the pamphlet with all the installation/ exhibition details so I can't even tell you the artists of each picture. 

Hope you enjoy nonetheless and visit it one day!

I left this room last as a surprise for myself because this is what I wanted to see the most (so sad lol).

From memory, this particular display of ants, gathering into a corner, is suppose to represent global immigration and displaced human beings left to 'configure' themselves in an unfamiliar place. The ants bodies were made from human skull casts.

I dislike cutting art but I just wanted to show how this artist decided to prop up their work lol

Visit Saatchi at www.saatchigallery.com - Free entry!!

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  1. Lovely photos! These are some interesting pieces!